Ratings Free Fall Contest 2001!!!

When will the WWF sink below a 3.0


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This page is dedicated to guessing when the WWF's ratings will sink below 3.0. Whoever guesses it exactly will win a free tape. If you want to enter send me an email and I will list your email address so i can remember it if you win. The only rule is if there is a handicap on the RAW ratings (according to Meltzler) it won't count so here are the guesses so far

jhmoxl@hotmail.com - second week of July 2002
Shawn-December 31, 2001 (may be a handicap here)
madsplash TrueBlackchurch@aol.com predicts the bottom in the near future will be 11/26 with a 3.28 (of course handicap still applies Mad
John Orlandella predicts- February 4,2002
Randazzo predicts the 3rd Raw of May 2002.

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