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the sells arn't the only thing hard around here

Hard Sell 9-25-01

Okay this is my first column on this site so its just an introduction. This is mainly a tape trading and selling site but I will write analysis. I may do a match rating page once I start to get new tapes in as a way to advertize what i've gotten that is new. If your interested in writing something here that's great I'd love to have any intellegent but controversial writer. I don't want to write a full column I'll just do a teaser. I'm going to write about the current state of All Japan. I will suggest new main eventers 4 under consideration are (and some are not likely)
Masato Tanaka, Nobuhiko Takada, Hayabusa, and Riki Choshu.
Email me your comments about these guys and tell me who you think could be the solution. it'll all be coming soon

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