Ohio Valley Wrestling Results


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This week's show opened with a recap of Danny Davis attacking his nephew Doug Bashum last week.See last
week's recap for more details.

Prototype vs. "Ironman" Rob Conway-Match starts with Conway taking advantage but Prototype takes control
when Kenny Bolin grabs Conway's leg. Prototype throws Rob off of the curtain into the ring post.Prototype throws
Conway back in the ring using his size to totally overpower him.Conway makes a comeback after a sloppy
superkick.Conway uses a fast paced style to keep control.Conway gets the kneck breaker and goes for the pin.
The referee screws up the interference spot when he turns away from Kenny Bolin to early he begins the count
and goes back to Bolin.Prototype kicks out.Prototype hits a chincrusher followed by the edgecution for the win.
Post match:Conway attacks Bolin.Jack Black & Sean O'Haire run out to make the save.They beat down Conway
who is saved by Nick Dinsmore and the Damaja.Prototype plasters the Damaja with a chair and then Bolin services
run leaving Nick and Conway to take care of the Damaja.

Recap of incident between Sean O'Haire and Jack Black from last week.See last week's results.

Recap of Doug Bashum's announcement that he can not be fired from OVW and that legally he can and wants to
buy 25% of OVW.See last week's recap.

Promo with Danny Davis.He apologizes for last week's action.Says he can't fire Doug Bashum but that Doug's
claim that he can buy 25% of OVW will be challenged in court.He also says that as long as he is breathing Bashum
will never own one cent of OVW.

Promo with Dinsmore and Conway:Dinsmore says that the Damaja has a concussion so Conway will be filling in for
him in their match against the Suicide Blondes for the OVW tag titles.

Recap of the Disciples of Sin vs. the Suicide Blondes and Sheldon "Sting" Benjamin's attack on D.O.S.

David Flair & Mark Jindrak vs. the Disciples of Sin-Damien & Jindrak start.Jindrak overpowers Damien and tags
in Flair.Flair hits some chops on Damien who take control after an eye poke(the most successful move in wrestling.)
Flair takes back control shortly after with a big boot and a suplex.He goes to bounce off the ropes and is kicked
in the back by Damien from the outside.Damien and Payne tag back and forth beating down Flair.Flair sneaks in
a twist of fate on Payne enabling him to get the tag to Jindrak.Payne tags Damien at the same time.Jindrak
overpowers Damien but Damien sidesteps the clothesline tossing Jindrak to the outside.Payne drags Flair into
the ring and they do a double team skyhigh and begin to beat him down when Sheldon Benjamin continues his
Sting impersination,even going so far as bringing the baseball bat with him.He again attacks the Disciples of Sin.
Winners:the Disciples of Sin (by DQ)

Doug Bashum Promo:He brags about how he outsmarted Danny Davis and Jim Cornette.He and Victoria leave
when the sexual tension gets to heated between them.

Rob Conway & Nick Dinsmore vs. the Suicide Blondes: Jason Lee & Nick Dinsmore start.Dinsmore starts off
with control solidly outwrestling Lee.He tags in Conway.Lee takes control with an uppercut after a Dinsmore pin
attempt and tags in King. Conway takes back control with an armbar on King. Conway tags in Dinsmore.Dinsmore
continues to work over King's arm.King forces Dinsmore into the corner and scores a cheapshot when Dinsmore
breaks the wristlock.King tags in Lee.The Blondes tag in and out beating down Dinsmore. Lee misses a moonsault
ginving Dinsmore the chance to tag in Conway. Conway makes quick work of both of the Blondes.Lee & Dinsmore
end up brawling on the outside.While the ref is trying to break up Dinsmore & Lee Sister Sharmell throws the belt
in to King who plasters Conway.He goes for the pin but Conway breaks out.King kicks Conway to the outside with
an inzaguri.Lee brings Dinsmore back into the ring and holds him for King to superkick but ends up tasting King's
boot instead. Dinsmore gets King with a german suplex.Conway has climbed the top turnbuckle and hits a
flying elbow drop across about 2/3 of the ring.1,2,3 Conway and Dinsmore win the OVW tag titles.
Winners:Rob Conway & Nick Dinsmore.

Mark Henry Promo: Mark announces that he's leaving OVW to compete in Arnold Swartzenagger's Strong Man
Contest.Ding Dong Mark Henry's gone and now D'Lo Brown won't be on.This has to be the single greatest things
to ever happen to OVW.

Recap of Flash Flanagan and Trailer Park Trash's streetfight from last week and Flash's interference in the main
event last week.See last week's recap.

Levaithan vs. Flash Flanagan:Leviathan totally squashes Flash even going so far as to kick out of Flash's finisher
three times straight.
Post match:Trash saves Flash from a further beat down by Leviathan with a chair.Trahs & Flash embrace each
other renweing the greatest homo-love story in OVW.OVW will not return to television until after the new year.

The Damaja & Nick Dinsmore vs. Sean O'Haire & Mr. Black w/ Kenny Bolin and Jerome Crony

The match started off decent with Dinsmore and Black squaring off in the center of the ring. Eventually the former head of security for Bolin Services tagged in the current head of security for Bolin Services, Sean O'Haire, and O'Haire and Dinsmore went at it in the ring. Once Dinsmore tags in Damaja, they pull off a huge double back bodydrop to Mr. Black, which sent echoes throughout the arena. Mr. Black later went for the swanton bomb, but missed, sending another loud sound around the Louisville area. Eventually Damaja picked up the pinfall as Dinsmore guarded from Sean O'Haire. After the match O'Haire and Black got face to face and almost fought right then and there, but they were pulled apart by Bolin and Crony.

Winners via pinfall: The Damaja & Nick Dinsmore

The next segment of television was quite interesting, as Dean Hill and Jim Cornette made their way to the ring for an in ring interview. Dean Hill started to interview Cornette, who was obviously happy with Leviathan winning the heavyweight championship. Earlier Cornette stated that as soon as Doug Basham aka "Machine" lost his title, he would be fired from OVW.

Cornette then called out Doug Basham, who came to the ring, dressed quite casually. Cornette goes on to tell the crowd and the television audience that he did not want to deprive them of this confrontation and made sure he made it very public. Cornette then tells the story of how Doug Basham started in OVW and came in without them knowing, explaining exactly what happened to those who may not have been watching over the past several weeks. Cornette then goes on to tell Basham that he is the "most miserable bastard I've ever seen" and tells him that he's fired as well.

Just as Cornette is about to leave Basham gets on the mic and tells Cornette that there is a catch to his idea. He pulls out the contract that Danny Davis first gave him and tells Cornette that when the contract was signed, Davis scratched out the "two years" line and wrote that the contract was valid until Machine chose to resign. Basham then stated he wasn't ready to quit, which enraged just about the whole arena, including Cornette. Basham said there was also one final clause in his contract. It stated that after five years, Basham would be able to purchase 25% of OVW and he was ready to do so. With this said, the legend himself Danny Davis stormed his way to the ring and got on the mic, telling Basham he was sick of him and proceeded to brawl with Basham. The chaos continued in the ring to the commercial break until Basham finally made his way out of the ring. Afterward Davis apologized to Cornette for interrupting the show. Adding another interesting twist in this interesting story of Doug Basham and his Revolution.

Payne & Damien w/ Synn & Swail vs. Jason Lee & Derrick King w/ Sharmell

The match started off to a quick pace, with Payne and Jason Lee trading a series of reversals, until Lee pulled off a huge flying forearm. Eventually King is tagged in and delivers a huge enzuguiri to Payne. The match was very good with Payne pulling off an impressive one legged spinebuster/powerbomb maneuver. The match ended with Damien applying the Boston crab as Sharmell came into the ring and attempted to pull him off by his hair. Synn then comes in and takes out Sharmell as well as pulls off her blonde wig, very entertaining stuff. Eventually after the women brawl, Shelton Benjamin comes in dressed in black, and takes out the Disciples of Synn with a chair, forcing the ref to call for the bell. The crowd booed Shelton as he left the ringside area.


Mark Henry vs. D-Lo Brown

A pretty decent strap match with an odd finish. Henry stated at the beginning that he would be getting sweet redemption as the referee buckled the strap to Brown's wrist. It was your typical strap match with the two trading vicious strap shots which were extremely loud. The match ended as Henry wrapped the strap around Browns neck and drug him around the ring, but as Henry touched one corner, Brown was right behind him touching the corner as well. As Henry made it to the fourth corner, Brown was flipped over Henry's back, landed on the ropes, and fell down. Brown then stumbled out of the ring, and the bell was called as if he had hit the corner, but he obviously missed. I'm not quite sure what will become of this, but after the match, as D-Lo left, Henry stood ringside in tears. It was very odd, but an emotionally packed match.

Winner via four corners ruling: D-Lo Brown

Trailer Park Trash vs. Flash

A very hardcore match to say the least, and as usual, we find out, just why they call Flash the "show stealer". The match started with Flash pulling out a garbage can, and the two brawling throughout the beginning. Flash then set up a chair and pulled off the "poetry in motion" to Trailer Park Trash and set him up for his springboard legdrop but missed, landing on the chair. Eventually TPT busted Flash wide open and caused him to bleed everywhere. To use the metaphor "crimson mask" would be an understatement as Flash's recently bleached hair was the color of crimson as well. A table is set up in the middle of the ring as well as a very tall ladder, set up between the ring apron and the advertisement wall. Towards the end, the two of them climbed up and fought on the ladder. Trash was then tossed off, going through the table as Flash fell off as well, but racked himself on the top rope. Flash then made his way to Trash and covered him up for the pinfall and the win.

Winner via pinfall: Flash

Bull Buchanan vs. Leviathan

A very good match with the crowd really erupting for the new OVW heavyweight champion Leviathan with their "Go Demon Go" chant. The two start out with a huge tie up with Leviathan eventually throwing Buchanan out of it. The match was your typical big man match and a rematch, for those who remember, from Bluegrass Brawl 2001. The two traded big power moves, until Buchanan went top rope and missed his Legdrop. Leviathan was then reversed into the ref who was then knocked out allowing the Revolution to come in. Synn went in to the ring and took out Victoria and Flash then came in with a garbage can lid, still extremely bloody, and laid out the rest of the Revolution. Leviathan then grabbed Buchanan and powerbombed him as the ref came to, to count the three count.

Winner via pinfall: Leviathan

OVW Results 11-17-2001

Recap of the Machine vs. Bull Buchanan,see last week's results for more
info,actually scratch that,Machine wins and the match sucked the end.Let's move on
shall we.

Randy Orton vs. Leviathan-They start off with a basic lock up.Leviathan
tosses Randy into the corner,goes for a clothesline and misses.Randy throws a few
punches but Leviathan grabs him and throws him to the opposite corner.Leviathan
runs at him and is introduced into Randy's size 11's.Randy follows up with a flying
shoulder tackle,and then gets back to back dropkicks.He goes for a pin but Leviathan
kicks out with authority. Randy locks on a full nelson but Leviathan reverses and gets
a full nelson slam.Leviathan picks Randy up and throws him to the corner and follows
up with a kicks to the midsection.He throws Randy to the opposite corner full force
which sends Randy to the mat.Randy comes back with some punches but Leviathan
gets a chokehold on him.Randy tries to kick his way out but Leviathan throws a stiff
clothesline sending Randy to the ground.Leviathan throws some kicks to Randy's
back then follows up with a backbreaker and a pin.Randy just kicks out at the 3.
Leviathan back body drops Randy,scoopslams him and goes for an elbow but
misses.Randy gets some momentum with a few punches and then hits a flying
crossbody pin.Again Leviathan kicks out full force sending Randy flying.Randy throws
him to the corner goes for the monkey flip but Leviathan locks his arms around the
ropes and Randy crashes down into the middle of the ring.Leviathan scores the
powerbomb pin and wins.

Next was a recap of Prototype vs. Rico Constantino for more info see
last week's results.

This week they gave Kenny Bolin some promo time before his handicap
match pitting him and Prototype against Rico Constantino. Kenny says he shouldn't
wrestle because he's a manager plus he has a 103 degree temperature. Jim
tells Bolin that Rico decided that if he let him out of all of his contractual obligations
with Bolin Services then he won't make Kenny wrestle tonight.As he signs the
contract Bolin says "I guess he wised up and realized he doesn't want to get in the
ring with me." After signing the contract Jim Cornette realizes that the contract that
Bolin signed actually says that whoever loses the handicap match has to leave OVW.

Rico Constantino vs. Prototype & Kenny Bolin (Loser(s) Leave OVW)- Rico starts
off the match with a drop toe hold on Prototype followed by a roll up but Prototype
breaks out and gets a wristlock on Rico. Rico reverses the wristlock and throws
some kicks to Prototype's face.He throws Prototype with an armdrag,Prototype gets
up runs at Rico and receives another armdrag.Prototype tries to tag Bolin but Bolin
turns his back.Prototype turns back toward Rico,Rico gets another armdrag and
locks on an armbar.Rico throws Prototype to the ropes and hits a flying shoulder
tackles.Prototype flies off of the ropes,Rico gets him with a hiptoss and locks on
an armbar.Prototype makes his way back to his feet and forces Rico into the corner.
Prototype throws Rico but gets reversed and hits the opposite turnbuckle.Rico
goes after Kenny Bolin but Prototype attacks him while his back is turned.Prototype
throws some punches and then hits a snap suplex,turns Rico over and hits another
snap suplex.Prototype tags Bolin.Bolin throws some punches into Rico's back but
Rico grabs him and throws him toward his and Prototypes corner.Rico goes after Bolin
but Prototype scrapes his eyes and tags himself in.Rico gets some punches in
but Prototype throws a knee to the midriff.Rico throws some more punches and then
tosses Prototype toward the corner.Prototype hops over the charging Rico,he grabs
Rico into a high angle suplex situation but turns it into a side slam.Prototype tags
in Bolin.Bolin goes for the People's Elbow or as Jim Cornette calls it the Porky
Elbow,of course he misses,I mean if the Rock can't hit it how's Bolin supposed to.
Prototype runs in but Rico gets him with a flapjack, picks him up and hits a spinkick.
Rico grabs Prototype and uses the Sudden Impact which is kind of like a mix
between a firemen's carry and a samoan drop.Cronie runs in and Rico slams him.
Rico grabs Prototype with a headlock but Prototype throws him off into the arms
of Jack Black who holds him for Prototype to punch but of course Rico breaks
free and Jack takes the hit.Rico goes for a schoolboy on Prototype but Prototype
kicks out.Rico goes after Bolin who has attacked him from behind.Prototype grabs
Rico from behind hits the high angle suplex and Kenny Bolin picks up the win.Rico
must leave OVW.
Winners:Kenny Bolin and Prototype.

Recap of the Minnesota Stretching Crew vs. Suicide Blondes,see last week's results
for more info.

Suicide Blondes come out to cut a promo.Sister Shaunell says she didn't hit Brock
to win the match but because he called her an unflattering name.Lee says their not
afraid to face either the Minnesota Stretching Crew or the Disciples of Sin.King
stutters and then Sister Shaunell says together her and the Suicide Blondes will
retain the tag titles no matter what.

Disciples of Sin vs. the Minnesota Stretching Crew (#1 contender for the tag titles)
Payne and Brock start the match.Payne gets a wristlock on Brock but Brock throws
him off. Payne comes back with a shoulder block but neither man budges.They both
run to opposite ropes and both go for the shoulder block and this time Payne goes
down.Brock picks Payne up into a firemen's carry but turns it into a body slam and
then follows it with a spinebuster.Brock goes for the pin but Payne kicks out.Brock
tags Sheldon.Sheldon gets a wristlock on Payne and then turns it into a side russian
leg sweep. Sheldon locks on the wristlock again but Payne goes for the most effective
maneuver in wrestling,the eyepoke. Payne tags in Damien.Damien runs at Sheldon
and Sheldon gets him with a beautiful japanese armdrag.They both run off of the ropes.
Damien goes for a hiptoss but Sheldon turns it into an armdrag.Sheldon scoop slams
Damien,drops an elbow and goes for the pin.Damien grabs Sheldon's tights and forces
him into the corner where he tags Payne.Payne throws some punches at Sheldon.He turns
to the crowd to mock Sheldon,when he turns back Sheldon gets him with a sunset
flip.Payne kicks out and Sheldon tags Brock.They double elbow drop Payne.Brock
goes for a gorilla press slam on Payne but Damien runs in and chopblocks his knee.
Payne tags in Damien.Damien starts to work over the injured knee.He drags
Brock by the leg and drags him to the corner where he tags in Payne.Payne starts to
work over Brock's leg. Payne tags Damien back in.Damien works over the leg and
then runs at Sheldon and cheap shots him.Damien tags Payne who begins to work
the leg again.Payne picks up Brock and tags Damien.They throw Brock off of the
ropes but Brock comes back with a double shoulder tackle.Brock tags Sheldon.Sheldon
clotheslines both of them and then back body drops Damien. Sheldon then hits a
spinning elbow smash on Payne.He picks Payne up and tosses him off the ropes
and hits the superkick.Sheldon goes for the pin but Damien breaks it up.Brock
comes into the ring and shoves Damien down.Swill attacks Brock from behind.Brock
picks her up into a gorilla press slam and tosses her onto Damien.Brock turns and
Sin tosses fire into the big man's face.Payne and Damien have taken control of
Sheldon at this point.Payne picks Sheldon up into an electric chair drop while Damien
X-Factor's him at the same time.Damien goes for the pin but head referee
Briscoe runs out and calls the match a no contest because of the fire.Ron Waterman
and David Flair run out to help the Minnesota Stretching Crew.
Winners:No Contest

The cameras take us back to the longer room where Sheldon is obviously upset
and Brock says he can't see and doesn't want anyone to look at his face.

Next was Sean Casey and Chris Micheals vs. the Damaja & Mr. Wrestling Nick
Dinsmore but since I can't stand watching Micheals,Casey,and the Damaja I'm not
going to sit down and give move by move details of the match.
Winners:Mr.Wrestling Nick Dinsmore & the Damaja

Recap of D'Lo Brown vs. Mark Henry,it's gets crappier every time they show it by the
way.Anyways if you absolutely have to have details of this rehashed WWF feud
check last week's recap.I personally wouldn't waste my time.Feuds like these
really aren't helping Mark Henry at all.

Mark Henry Promo: Mark basically says that D'Lo's a chicken shit but he left out
untalented to the description which I thought was polite of him.He also said that
D'Lo couldn't run forever and that he would eventually get him,which if were lucky
when he does Mark will do to D'Lo what D'Lo did to Droz.

Recap of TPT promo:See recap from two weeks ago if you must.
Recap of Bull vs. Machine:It sucked, Machine won, 'nuff said.

Time for the main event,the Machine vs. Flash Flanagan-Flash runs at Machine,hits
an atomic drop,clotheslines Machine over the top rope and then hits a flying cross
body over the top rope to the outside.Flash rolls Machine back into the ring.Machine
scores some punches and goes for a suplex but Flash slips out and hits the
Edge-O-Matic which he follows up with a springboard leg drop.He dropkicks Machine
in the head picks him up and throws him toward the corner but Machine reverses.
Machine throws some chops Flash's way.Flash grabs Machine's mask and begins to
bite his face.Flash throws Machine into the ropes and gives Machine a few chops of
his own.He headbutts Machine which send him stumbling in the ring,Flash gets
him with a springboard dropkick.Flash throws Machine back into the corner and
clothesline's him. Flash sets him up for a tornado DDT but Victoria grabs his leg.
Machine breaks free and uses a modified sit down powerbomb from the corner.
Machine picks Flash up and throws him shoulder first into the corner post three times
in a row. Machine gets Flash with an armbreaker.Machine starts to work his arm over.
Flash reverses a wristlock into a back body drop.Machine gets right back up and
goes after the injured arm again.While Machine is working over the arm Bull Buchanan
comes out with a chair and paces around ring side.Machine body slams Flash
and goes for the diving headbutt but misses.Flash hits Machine with a flying chimechanga
as Machine is getting up. Flash tosses Machine off of the ropes and hits a backbody
drop.He follows that up with a flapjack into the turnbuckle. Flash goes for the finish
with a Blockbuster but as the referee counts Victoria pulls him to the outside.Flash
turns to get the ref while Machine pulls the brass knuckles from his tights,Trailer Park
Trash runs out though and grabs the knucks and knocks Machine on his ass.Then
trailer lays Flash out with the knucks.Trash goes outside to hit Bull with the knucks
but hits the chair instead.While all this is going on Machine has rolled onto Flash
for the pin.Chaos breaks out between the Revolution and the OVW squad.Next week
there will be a special recap on the reign of the Machine as OVW champion as they
will not be filming a show because of Thanksgiving.

OVW 11-10-2001
This week's show opens with the much anticipated match between Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown,or as I like to call it from curtain jerking RAW to curtain jerking OVW.D'Lo is
already in the ring with his non-charisma. Mark runs in and D'Lo runs at him with a punch but misses and gets caught with Mark's own punch.Mark then powerslams him,picks him up places him on the rope and sits on him,I guess all that weight he lost would come in handy right about now.He throws D'Lo to the corner and follows with a splash.Throws D'Lo to the opposite corner and misses the follow up splash.He turns and D'Lo goes for the skyhigh but Mark blocks it and hits a
bodyslam.Mark goes to the top and goes for the most obvious "I'm about to miss this" splash you'll ever see.D'Lo takes back control with some punches.D'Lo throws him to the ropes and tries for a hiptoss but Mark is grounded solid.Instead D'Lo throws a shot to Mark's kidneys.D'Lo gets a high angle suplexon the much larger Mark and goes for the pin.Mark kicks out and comes back with some punches.He throws D'Lo
to the corner goes for another splash but again misses and falls into a side russian leg sweep from D'Lo.D'Lo follows up with a textbook moonsault from the second rope.D'Lo picks him up and hits the skyhigh but it takes D'Lo out also.D'Lo goes for a big boot but Mark sloppily catches him into a powerslam.D'Lo gets up and throws some punches but Mark
catches them and follows up with his own.Mark throws D'Lo to the ropes and scores a huge back body drop.D'Lo tries to run out of the ring but Mark grabs him bounces him off the ropes and hits a shoulderblock.Mark follows up with a scissor kick.Mark goes up top again and again misses the splash.D'Lo
takes advantage of the situation by running out of the arena.Mark goes to chase him but returns to the ring in
time to win by countout.Winner:Mark Henry

We come back from commercial to a recap of the final moments of Flash Flanagan and Bull Buchanan. For more info see last weeks recap.After the clip we return to Jim Cornette and
Trailer Park Trash who are already in the ring.Trailer says he attacked Flash for not teaming up with him.So now we get to see who really is the bigger piece of white trash.Who cares?Flash runs in and they battle it out to commercial.

Next was a recap of the Minnesota Stretching Crew vs. Rico Constantino & Prototype from the 10/29/2001 Raw is War live from Freedom Hall.We join the match about midway through with Rico holding Sheldon Benjamin in a headlock.Sheldon throws him off but Rico remounts his offense with a shoulder block.Sheldon gets up leapfrogs Rico and throws some punches.Sheldon tags Brock,drop toe holds Rico while Brock hits a running elbow drop.Brock works on Rico's arm.Rico finally breaks free and tags the Prototype.Prototype runs at Brock with a clothesline but gets caught in a fireman's carry.Brock locks on an armwrench and tags in Sheldon.The two double team Sheldon with a huge double hip toss.Sheldon goes for the pin which is broken up by Rico. Prototype grabs Sheldon and goes for a suplex,Sheldon slips out midair and hits an atomic drop,follows with a clothesline and goes for the pin.Prototype kicks out Sheldon throws him toward the ropes where Rico picks up the blind tag. Sheldon misses a clothesline from Prototype but goes down from a sidekick from Rico.Rico hits a sideslam on Sheldon and goes for a pin,Brock breaks it up.Rico tags Prototype who takes control with a snap suplex on Sheldon.He goes for the pin but Sheldon kicks out.Prototype bodyslams him and tags Rico.With some leverage from the top rope and Prototype Rico goes for a senton splash but misses.Sheldon grabs Rico into a small
package.Rico breaks free leapfrogs Sheldon and cheap shots Brock.While the referee tries to get Brock out of the ring,Rico and Prototype double team Sheldon.Prototype slams him into his own corner and then hits Sheldon with a spinebuster.Rico and Prototype both get in the ring,they throw Sheldon to the corner,Sheldon jumps to the
top rope and then hits a crossbody on his opponents.Sheldon gets the tag.Brock hits bodyslams on both and then powerslams Rico.He goes for the pin but it's broken up by Prototype.Things get out of control.Brock grabs Rico and hits a lethal over the head belly to belly suplex which is followed up by a shoddy frog splash from Sheldon.1,2, 3 the Minnesota Stretching Crew are the new Southern Heavyweight Tag Team Champions.Winners:The Minnesota Stretching Crew.

They now go to the Minnesota's Stretching Crews match this week against the Suicide Blondes,Jason Lee and Dereck King who are joined by their valet Shaunell,who happens to be
Jason Lee's sister and King's cousin.Lee and Sheldon start,Lee gets an arm wrench which Sheldon reverses into
a side russian leg sweep. King runs in and the Blondes double team Sheldon into a hip toss,Sheldon lands on his feet though and then hits a double drop kick.Sheldon tags Brock.Brock gorilla press slams Lee.Lee runs to tag in King.King tries to match strength with Brock who takes him down with one hand.Lee runs in and makes the same mistake as King.They both kick Brock and then both chop Brock but Brock,the superman that he is,remains unphased.Brock pulls the two into each other,forcing them to knock skulls.They try to doublesuplex Brock but they get suplexed instead.Brock throws King into the corner hits a clothesline and then throws King with and over the head belly to belly suplex. Brock goes for the pin but Lee makes the save.Brock tags in Sheldon.King forces Sheldon into his corner where
Shaunell grabs his leg.Sheldon breaks free but turns and gets hit with a superkick from King.King tags Lee and Lee scoop slams Sheldon.He follows it up with a sweet elbow drop from the top and tags King.They double team Sheldon.Lee throws Sheldon to the ropes and prepares for the back body drop but gets kick to the chest from Sheldon,who follows up with a clothesline.They both go for the hot tag.Brock bodyslams both of his opponents. He powerslams King,and this begins to sound a lot like his match with Bolin Services.Brock slaps a full nelson onto King but while the referees attention is on Sheldon and Lee,Shaunell hits Brock
with a loaded purse.King drapes an arm over Brock.1,2,3 the Suicide Blondes are the new Southern Heavyweight
Tag Team Champions.Winners: The Suicide Blondes

After the commercial they recap Rico and Prototype's confrontation from last week.For more details see last week's recap.We join Prototype who is already in the ring.Rico runs out before his music even hits and attacks Prototype.Prototype throws Rico to the ropes but Rico comes back with a sidekick.Prototype falls outside. He and Kenny Bolin are talking,Rico grabs both of them by their heads and causes them to knock noggins.Prototype gets back in and gets a headlock on Rico.Rico throws him off toward the ropes and follows up a shoulderblock.Rico gets a hiptoss and then a dropkick.Rico gets an armbar on Prototype.Prototype forces Rico back into the corner. He throws his knee into his face.Prototype throws him to the ropes but Rico comes back with a facebuster that even Chris Jericho would be proud of.Rico goes for the pin but Prototype kicks out.Rico throws Prototype off of the ropes but Prototype ducks behind and slaps on a sleeperhold.Rico breaks free and slaps on a sleeperhold of his own. Prototype breaks free with a low blow.Prototype hits a snap suplex and the pins.Rico breaks out.Prototype throws Rico to the corner,where he falls to the bottom turnbuckle.Prototype chokes him with his foot.He pulls Rico up who tries to throw a punch but Prototype hits him with a knee to the midriff.Prototype tosses Rico off of the ropes, hits a back body drop and goes for the pin.Rico kicks out.Prototype goes for a running splash but Rico throws up the knees just in time.Rico flapjacksPrototype, and follows up with a flying forearm.Rico hits his finisher,the Sudden Impact and goes for the pin.Prototype gets his foot on the rope.Rico rolls him up,Prototype kicks him off causing Rico to his Kenny Bolins briefcase.Prototype gets the pin and his first win over Rico.The briefcase gets it's 576th win.Winner:Prototype

Next was the Machine vs. Bull Buchanan-Trust me on this one,watching this match was hard and reading the recap would be even harder.Winner:The Machine

Jim Cornette leaves us wondering:Who the hell will get the title of of the Machine.See ya next week.

November 3,2001:

This weeks show opens with a tag team battle that pits Rob Conway & Nick
Dinsmore vs. the Machine & Big Bad John.Dinsmore and the Machine begin the match
with some back and forth offense.Dinsmore gets the tag to Conway.The Machine
and Big Bad John double team Conway until he ends up on the outside with Big
Bad John.Conway breaks free from Big Bad John but as he's getting into the ring
the Machine scores a sunset flip power bomb onto Conway sending him crashing to
the concrete floor.The Machine takes total control of the match until he and Conway
both score a punch against each other setting up the hot tag.Dinsmore takes control
of the match until the Machine runs in and double teams Dinsmore.Big Bad John
goes for a powerbomb but Dinsmore uses his weight to send Big Bad John to the
mat.Dinsmore gets the win with a german suplex while the Machine beats down
Conway on the outside.The Machine and Big Bad John double team Dinsmore
until the Damaja makes the save with a trashcan lid. Winners:Nick Dinsmore & Rob

The show then cuts to a promo with Kenny Bolin,Prototype,& Rico Constantino. Bolin
begins by saying that they were cheated out of the titles by the Minnesote Stretching
Crew because they used his briefcase for the win.Constantino then gets the mic and
says that it took two men to beat him and that he and Prototype would never attack
a man two on one.Prototype then gets the mic and says that he has always looked
up to Constantino but that Constantino let Bolin Services down by losing the tag
titles.Constantino says that it was Protoypes fault and that he should remember that
"I'm the teacher and you will always be the student." Prototype attacks Constantino
but Constantino gets the upper hand until Kenny Bolin hits him with the briefcase.
Prototype continues to beat down Constantino until the referees run him and Kenny
Bolin out of the ring.

Next was a clip from Leviathan vs. Val Venis.Leviathan gets a powerbomb on Val
Venis but blows out his knee when he does it.He goes for a weak pin but Val kicks
out.Leviathan then goes for a powerbomb pin but again Val kicks out. Leviathan
finally picks up the win with a third powerbomb pin.

David Flair comes out for his match with Leviathan.Leviathan comes out and squashes
David Flair until he misses an elbow drop.Flair scores a couple drop kicks and goes
to the top for a double axe handle smash.Leviathan catches him and belly to belly
suplexes Flair.Leviathan power bombs Flair and goes for the pin but pulls him up
at two and delivers another powerbomb for the win.Winner:Leviathan

We now join D'Lo Brown in the ring for his promo from last week.He brings out
a guy dressed as Mark Henry and carryin a bucket of fried chicken.He goes on to
call Mark Henry fat and so on.States that if Mark was there he would kick his ass.
Of course,Mark shows up behind him throws his buddy out of the ring and then
attacks D'Lo.He takes the chicken bucket and puts it on D'Lo's head then punches
him to the outside of the ring.D'Lo comes back and throws a cup of water in Mark's
face.He body slams him then goes for the frogsplash.After scoring the first one he
goes to the opposite corner and hits another.

Mark Henry comes out and joins Jim Cornette who's already in the ring. Mark thanks
Jim and the fans for their supprot while he was gone.Mark says that when D'Lo was
overweight he supported him but when Mark had his weight issues D'Lo ridiculed
him.Mark says that he'll dig a trench in D'Lo's back and fill it with dirt before he lets
him come into his house and put him down.Cornette says that D'Lo will get his
chance to make good on his threats next week.Mark says that threats don't mean
anything and that all that matters is the 1,2,3.He says that after this match everything
between he and D'Lo is over and that,"D'Lo Brown is dead....he doesn't exist to me."

Now we come to a tag match with "Sexy" Sean Casey & Chris Micheals vs. Damien
& Payne "The Disciples of Sin".Before the match Payne declares himself and Damiec
the #1 contenders for the tag titles since Constantino and Prototype have split and that
they should have been wrestling for them at RAW in the first place.Damien & Chris
Micheals start the match with some back and forth offense until Micheals tags Sean
Casey. Casey gets the upperhand on Damien and scores a superplex.He goes for
the pin which is broken up by Payne.Micheals gets the tag from Casey.Payne & Damien
get the upper hand when Damien reverses a throw into the ropes and Payne throws
a knee into Micheals' back. Damien and Payne cut off the ring and beat down Micheals
as they tag in and out.Micheals finally gets some offense when he hits a DDT on Damien.
When Micheals rolls to the outside of the ring Damien and Payne double team Casey.
Payne holds Casey for the superkick from Damien, but Casey ducks and Payne gets it.
Casey goes for the pin but Sin pulls him off.In the confusion Damien gets the whip and
uses it to apply a kneckbreaker to Casey and gets the 1,2,3. Winners:The Disciples
of Sin Damien & Payne

Flash Flanagan comes out and joins Jim Cornette in the ring.Flash is pissed off because he
hasn't gotten a title shot against the Machine.Cornette says that Flash has been selfish and has
kept others such as Val Venis and Bull Buchanan from getting the title off of the Machine.Cornette
says that he doesn't trust him. Flash asks for a match with Bull Buchanan and the winner will go
on to face the Machine.This match is our main event for the night.

After the commercial break they go to a clip of the Machine vs. Steve Bradley.Bradley puts the
smashmouth on the Machine but Victoria saves the match by putting Machine's foot on the rope.
Bradley goes after Victoria while the Machine puts something in his mask.He hits Bradley with
a headbutt knocking him to the ground.He then gets the diving headbutt from the top and gets the
win.Flash runs out and attacks the Machine.He unmasks him and gets the illegal object and begins
to beat him with it. Bull Buchanan runs out and he and Flash go at it.They're finally broken up by Randy
Orton,"H2O" Ron Waterman, and the Damaja.

Now for our main event,Flash Flanagan vs. Bull Buchanan No DQ match for the chance to face the machine
for the OVW title.Flash attacks Bull before he gets a chance to get in the ring and then throws salt in his eyes.
Flash commences a beat down until Bull blindly throws him into the outside of the ring.Bull picks him up
and drop his throat first onto the ring apron. He throws Flash back into the ring and the hits the Bullfly. Bull
attacks Flash with a chain. Bull wraps the chain around Flash's kneck and begins to beat him down.Flash
puts Bull down with a low blow and takes the chain off of his kneck.Flash pulls out a ladder and then drops
an elbow on Bull from the top of the ladder.Flash makes a weak cover and Bull kicks out. Flash continues
the beat down until Bull hits a powerslam. Bull commences beating Flash with a metal rod and then puts him
to the mat with a big boot. Bull goes for the pin but Flash gets his foot on the bottom rope. Bull goes back to
beating Flash with the metal rod.Flash gains the upperhand fora split second when he drop toe holds Bull
into the ladder.Bull recovers quicker and body slams Flash. Bull then misses the flying leg drop.Flash gets
the metal rod and and hits Bull,he then gets the chain and clotheslines Bull with it. He beats down Bull and
hits a DDT.Flash goes outside and gets a chair and places it in the middle of the ring. Flash goes for the
Whiplash(the Blockbuster) but misses and hits the chair. Bull goes to punch the recovering Flash but hits the
referee. Flash scores a superkick while the referee is out. A masked man runs into the ring and hits Flash
with the chair as he's going for the win. The mask comes off and it's Trailerpark Trash.Bull goes up for the
flying leg drop and picks up the win. Winner:Bull Buchanan the new #1 contender

Jim Cornette leaves us wondering "Why Trash Why?"

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