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A resource for Wrestling Fans


My name is Jerad Moxley here is how i work. I love wrestling and want wrestling tapes. So if you have something I don't have and want something I have feel free to contact me at jhmoxl@hotmail.com.

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I'm not selling tapes at this time.  I'm keeping everything up though because I think its a good resources to know what tapes are available and I might trade non-copyrighted material.

What's New?

2/25/06 Added from Lynch Noah 1/22/06, several AJ Comms, and NJ g-1 climax 93

2/3/06 Added an AJ comm, AJ TV tape, and Two NJ classics 12/20/05 I'm in the process of reformating quite a bit of the page. I'm adding 3 NOAH shows and 2 UWF shows as well
I've added a couple of handhelds to that section.  I've been mainly getting DVD's lately, but i'm debating when to add them to the tape list. 

8/20/05 added a section of handheld reviews

2/16/05 Got in From Jeff Lynch NOAH Di Colloseo on g +SN 9/10 AJW Classics 21 AJW classics 22 UWFI 26 Comm 10/14/94 AJW Comm 8/24/94 AJW Comm Mariko Yoshida Challenge Road 1994 Jushin Liger on Samurai vol 4 2New Japan 4/17/92 Handheld NJ Comm Full version best of 1997 All Japan on Sam Tv March 1998 3/22/98 G-pacic 5/5/04 A to Z on Samurai 11/9/03 Ajw on Samurai 12/21/03 Handheld All Japan Niigata 11/29/90 All Japan on Samurai TV November 1996 All japan on Samurai TV November December 1996 1 AJ on Samurai March-April 1997 NJ Comm G-1 Climax vol 1 NJ Com G-1 Climax 2004 vol 2 NJ Comm G-1 Climax vol 3 NJ Comm King of sports vol 8 november 2004 AJ new year’s giant series 1996 AJ on Samurai Febuary-March 1998 AJ on Samu October/November 1997 Bootleg 1266 AJ on Samurai Tv November 1998 Japan TV December 1998 AJ on Samurai November/December 1998 AJ on Samurai December 1998 1 AJ Handheld 11/25/93 WCW Dublin Ireland 10/6/93 AJ Comm Real World Tag Tournamient 1998 All Japan on Samurai 3/6/99 NOAH Di Colloseo Special on G + sN 9/23 AJW Classics 33 May 2004 AJW 12/13/92 Tag League Final JWP comm December 1 1992 AJW comm 3-20-93
11/27/04 Got in from Jeff Lynch NOAH Great Voyage 04 1/10/04, NOAH 4/25/04, All Japan Comm Summer action series 2003, II part 1, NJ battle formation part 2 Tokyo Dome 4/12/97, NWA Johnstown PA 11/22/87, Hand-held NWA 9/10/88 Philadelphia, Hand Held WWF 5/2/93 Providence, JWP 8/29/95, Handheld WCW, 3/7/92 Oakland, Hand-held WCW 12/27/91 meadowlands, Handheld WCW oct/Dec 1992, Hand held WWF 5/20/94 MSG, Handheld 5/3/93 Hartford, Handheld WCW 12/28/93 Jacksonville Fl, Handheld WCW 8/19/93 Kingsport Tn, Handheld WWF 10/29/94 MSG, Hand-held 11/5/94 Seattle, Handheld WWF June 10 1995 MSG, Hand held WWF 10/6/95 MSG, Handheld, 3/17/96 MSG, New Japan G01 Climax Special on Samurai TV Vol 2, All Japan August/October 1987 TV,All Japan 1970’s, AJ Classics 123, AJ Classics 124, AJ Baba Special 1-23-93, AJ RAW footage 9/23/88. All Japan Hand held 11/30/90, All Japan TV 7-30-94, AJ Tape 9-3-94, AJ 1/12/96, Handheld All Japan April 6 1991, AJ legend of world’s strongest teams vol 1 1977-1986, AJ legend of the world’s strongest teams vol 2 1987-1992, All Japan January 1995, AJ Handheld 6/3/96 Chiba, AJ Kuerakuen Hall January 1997, All Japan Summer Action Series 1996 II, All Japan on Samurai November -December 1996, All Japan on Sam TV April 1998 4/11/98, AJ handheld 2/22/97 Mito Bootleg 947 AJ Comm 3-1-97, All Japan on Sam November 1997, AJ Comm Real World Tag Tournament 1997, All Japan on Samurai TV March 1998 3/21,29/98, All Japan on Samurai TV March 1998 3/26/98, All Japan on Sam TV April 1998 4/12/98, JWP Thank You 7/9/92, All Japan Classics 135 Kenta Kobashi Special, JWP Tempation 10/22/92, AJW Exciting Zone Omiya Night 8/7/91, All Japan Women May 25 1992 Maninepaid, AJ Classics 14, AJ Classics 16, AJ Classics 39, and AJ classics 40
106/04 From highspots got in ALl Japan's champion Carnival 1993-1997, TV December 1992-Feb 1993, TV Nov and Dec 1993, and All Japan Women's 1/24/94 part 2.
8-20-04 Got in from highspots NOAH's 7/10/04 dome show, a New Japan Classics featuring Liger vs Ohtani 3-96. \
4-22-4 Got in from Jeff Lynch Noah's 3-6-04 Budokan, U-style's 2-4-04 show, AJW's 12-21-03 show, AJW classics 10 and 17, JWP's 1-15-93 show and May 93 champ forum with Devil vs Bull. From Ehren via Alfredo got in New Japan's Ultimate festival 5-1-03, All Japan on Gaora featuring Kojima vs Hashimoto, Liger premium Issue, a best or Rey Jr 01-02 comp, Toryumon's 4-5-03 show, 4-22-03 PPV, and 8-5-03 show
3-30-03 From Scott Decker got in the NWA handheld from 3-19-89 featuring a rare Flair vs Steamboat match. 3-8-03 From Jeff Lynch got in Southwest Arena Matches from 1983, NWA Philly handheld 10-15-88,All Japan Classics 143, All Japan 5-26-95, AJW classics 13, Best of Inoki vol 4, New Japan Classics 15 and 20.
2-9-03 Got in the 12/12/03 MSG legends match
2-4-04 Got in from a trade All japan's 10-22-94, and 4-18-92 show. New Japan's 94 Jr. Tag League, and 8/9 and 8/10/91 handheld, AJW's day break 1-89, wrestlemarinepad 1991 and 1993, tag league final 1991, and 5/18/92 tv.
12-20-03 From trade got in All Japan's 9-21-03 abortion, Zero one's fire festival, and Noah's 11-1-03 show. ns
12-3-03 From Tabe.nu got in Rings 8/21/92, 1/21/94, 94 tournament, Maelstrom 4th, 5th,6th and 7th, megabattle 96 1st, second, and semifinal rounds. From UWF 12/5/84 and 9/11/85. 6/11/88,8/13/88, 11/10/88, 1/10/89, 6/21/90. From UWFI 5/10/91, 12/5/93. A ric Flair show with Flair vs Brody. From Jeff Lynch got in NJPW's G-1 climax 2003, NOAH's 8/24/03 show and 9/12/03 show. WWF 1-95 MSG handheld and 1/93 handheld, AJPW Classics 137 Stan Hansen special, JWP's 1-95 Hardcore gig, and J'd star on Fandango June 2003.
11-25-03 Got in NJPW 1-4-93 Dome Show and 8-28-03 PPV, AJW's Legacy of queens and AJPW TV from febuary 1993
10-29-03 Added a review of Shawn Michaels vs Marty Jennetty from 12-11-92.
new ginXed:10-10-03 Broadbent Arena House Show,Rancid Indestructible.
9-19-03 Got in a huge order from Jeff Lynch. From NOAH we have the 6-29-03, 12-7-02, show with Kobashi vs Honda, 6-6-03, 5-9-03, TV special of the 7-16-03 show, From All Japan we have classics 130, 115, best of Misawa vol 3 and 4. an Inoki commercial featuring Inoki vs Destroyer, from indies the Cactus Jack vs Eddie Gilbert Series and Sabu vs Taz, WWF handhelds from King of the Ring 1991, 12-11-92 (Marty vs Shawn Flair vs Bret). A WCW handheld from 8-25-94 (Austin vs Steamboat.) From NJ complete vol 2 (Nakanishi vs Nagata 60 minute draw), the G-2 U-30 special, part 2 of the 5-2-03 dome show (the title matches), NJ's 5-10-03 Asashi show (Nagata vs Yasuda), Koshinaka vs Takada commericial, as well as a 91 march TV featuring both NJ and AJ(listed in the All Japan section). AAA from March and August of 1994, as well as EMLL from Japan in 2001. Oldies vol 2. From All Japan Women we have Classics vol 3 and 5, 6-3-93 show featuring the 1 hour tag draw, 7-21-90, and Queendom 94 featuring the legendary Hokuta/Kandori vs Nakano/Aja match. Mid south Raw Footage featuring the much discussed Jim Duggan vs Ted Dibiase match( note to Ehren yes you will get a copy.), ARsion's 5-24-03 Show as well as Stardom 99 (yoshida vs Akino). NEO's 3-12-03 show. Toryumon's 5-30-03 show as well as MPRO's 5-25-02 show and some Osaka from May and June. finish if off with JWP's 8-9-92 comm.
9-15-03 Got in from http://www.wrestleholicsvideos.com NJ's 2002 G-1 Climax Complete, TOSJ 1988 and Classics 828-830. EMLL's 2/16 3/15 4/5 3/29 /5/31 adn 6/7/03 tv shows. All Japan classics 69 as well as Jumbo vs Billy Robinson.
9-15-03 Added a new review of some Mania 19 matches.
8-21-03 Added a new review of Austin vs Taker at Summerslam 1998

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