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dedicated to the people who just don't know when to quit.

number 1 on the hit list

This page will be added to as other people prove they need to quit. Also feel free to make suggestions to it if I see their is a consences I may add.

1. The Undertaker- I thought about calling this page retire already Undertaker but I decided to include a couple of other people. The interesting thing is that during his program with HHH he showed glimmers of life. Now though he is just a no selling piece of crap. He makes no effort to make his opponents look good. He is slow, unathletic. I'm not saying the Undertaker is lazy, he isn't. His body just can't do it anymore and to compensate for that he's decided to stop bumping. If you can't bump you can't wrestle. All he is doing now is destroying more talented people then himself selfishly to keep his spot. The only think he might be good for is to put over someone who needs it like a Benoit, Jericho, or RVD. Once he does that give him a good job in the front office and be done with it.

2. Sabu- No one exemplifies the self-parody as much as Sabu. Now I was never a huge fan of his but I'll give him credit he did what he did well. Now instead of being a human highlight reel he is a human fuck up reel. Missing every spot it seems like instead of some and routinely putting his opponents body's in jeopardy. He is a danger to himself and to anyone who wrestles with him and he has fast become a joke. Retire before you or someone you wrestle can't walk!

3. Buff Bagwell- The thing about Buff is he was never very good, but he always had potential. What we didn't realize when we watched Buff sprawled out in the ring not able to move after a sloppy bulldog from Rick Steiner is that Buff would loss even that. Ever since the neck injury Buff has been atrocious in the ring. His promos are embarrassing. He seems to think that all he needs is a good body to get by thankfully the WWF showed him that he was full of shit. And the neck injury is only a partial excuse. Look at Steve Austin who has a bad neck but still delivers everytime out because he cares about his job. If Buff had Austin's attitude he wouldn't be getting booed out of indy arenas.

4 Brain Adams- I'd happily forgotten just how bad this guy was. Its not that he can't move or isn't in shape. Also its not just that he doesn't understand psychology or transitions. Its that watching him wrestle scares me. I worry about every man he does a move on because he is bringing sloppy to a new level. I have seen backyard wrestlers who work safer then this guy. He should not be allowed to wrestle or have other people's bodies in his hands EVER again. Thank god he got fired.

5. X-Pac. Okay its time for him to get off my television screen. His acting is so bad it makes RVD look almost competent. His segment with Regal on the last smackdown of september was quite possibly one of the worst things i've ever seen. In the ring he is a shell of his former self and has to rely on bigger guys selling for him like he's a heavyweight to have decent matches. Backstage he's a notorious complainer and bitcher (strange how he never gets punished ala everyone who isn't butt buddies with HHH.) Kidman is perfectly capable of playing the role of the little punk everyone wants to see get his ass kicked and is much better wrestler. Also X-pac get heel heat but not the good kind of heel heat where people want to see him get beat he gets the turn the station heat, hes one of the only guys who always losses viewers in the quarter hours. He's stale and a negative for the company and its time for him to get out of here. Maybe he can work for XPW or something I don't care as long as I never have to watch him talk again.

People who may be added soon
Masahiro Chono-if he continues to break down physically.
Kevin Nash-if he isn't a different wrestler when he comes back.
Kenta Kobashi- For his own health
Vader- His body is to big to sustain a decent workrate i would say.

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